The Yellow Vest that has just lost its eye will complain


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The Yellow Vest, which lost its left eye due to a grenade throw, told BFM TV that it wanted to file a complaint. According to his companion, present with him place of Italy at the time of the facts, "it is out of the question to let it pass".

Manuel, the Yellow Vest who was hit by a grenade shot in Act 53 of Yellow Vests and lost the use of his left eye because of this injury, told BFM TV his intention to file a complaint. .

"There was already a lot of brothels everywhere so we had already gotten away. We were far from the clashes, and there I saw the thing happen directly on my head, "told BFM TV the Yellow Vest questioned from his hospital bed. "We did not do anything. All the black blocks were on the left, we were on the right. All the peaceful people were on the right, we were talking quietly together. My hands were in my pockets.

The demonstrator's companion, who was with him from Italy at the time of the incident, also confirmed to AFP his intention to file a complaint. "It's out of the question to let that go," she said.

According to her, "there have already been enough skeptics who could not prove anything. There, we have the proof, we can not say that he was doing something he should not, he was quiet, he got hurt when he did not deserve it ".

The origin of the shot

Manuel told BFM TV that he was absolutely certain that the shooting was from "where the police were." "I'm sure, because I was watching what was happening from a distance. I saw him land.
For David Le Bars, Secretary General of the Union of Police Commissioners, the projectile was fired by anyone. According to a police source contacted by L'Obs, the projectile is similar to "an MP7 grenade". This type of ammunition must be fired either on the ground or "bell". Which does not seem to be the case here because it has arrived at the horizontal.

IGPN seized

The Paris police chief had announced that he would seize the IGPN "at the request of the Minister of the Interior" after the broadcast of the video.

For its part, the Paris public prosecutor's office opened a judicial inquiry for "violence by a person holding public authority with weapons resulting in a temporary interruption of work of more than eight days" and entrusted the investigations to the IGPN.

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