The Russian historian suspected of murder excluded from the scientific council of Issep


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Oleg Sokolov, Russian expert of Napoleon decorated with the Legion of Honor, was excluded from the scientific council of the Institute of Social, Economic and Political Sciences (Issep) of Lyon, after he confessed to having killed a former student, announced the establishment.

The Institute of Social, Economic and Political Sciences (Issep) of Lyon has announced that it has withdrawn the title of scientific adviser to the Russian historian Oleg Sokolov, decorated with the Legion of Honor, after having learned that this professor of the University of St. Petersburg was suspected of having killed and dismembered a former student.

"We learn with horror from the press the atrocious crime allegedly committed by Oleg Sokolov (…). We are immediately withdrawing his function as a member of the scientific council, "the institute said in a statement.

The institution offered condolences and support to the victim's family.

"Being professor of the chair of modern history at the University of St. Petersburg, intervened as director of studies invited to the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes at the Sorbonne, decorated with the French Legion of Honor, we do not Let's not imagine that he could commit this heinous act, "added Issep.

First elements of the survey

Oleg Sokolov, 63, a specialist in Napoleon and a professor at the University of St. Petersburg, was released Saturday (November 9th) from the waters of the Moika River in the city center of St. Petersburg. He had a backpack containing two woman's arms and an alarm gun.

Suffering from hypothermia, the man was taken to the hospital, while the Russian Investigation Committee opened a murder case. During a search of his home, the police discovered a dismembered body of a woman and a saw covered with blood. According to media reports, the divers later found the remains of the young woman at the bottom of the stream.

The same day, Oleg Sokolov confessed to killing his former student and girlfriend, Anastassia Echchenko, said his lawyer Alexander Potchuyev.

Oleg Sokolov, expert of the military history of France

Oleg Sokolov is a specialist in French military history and also conducts research on the military history of Russia and Europe from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century. Associate Professor in the Department of Modern and Contemporary History at the State University of St. Petersburg, M.Sokolov is the author of a course in the history of military art and thirty scientific books published in Russia, France, Spain and the Czech Republic.

Decorated in 2003 with the Legion of Honor in France, he had a role of adviser on several historical films and wrote several books on Napoleon.

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