The Russian corporation OAK plans to deliver the first 6 MC-21 aircraft in 2021


Sputnik World

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The United Aeronautical Corporation (OAK) plans to supply the first six MC-21 commercial aircraft to airlines in 2021, said OAK advisor Valeri Okulov.

"In 2021, six MC-21 planes are scheduled to be delivered," Okulov said at a round table at the headquarters of the Russian Senate.

The OAK advisor added that 12 units are planned to be delivered in 2022, 25 in 2023 and 72 in 2025.
MC-21 is a series of new generation Russian commercial aircraft designed for short and medium distance flights.
The first flight took place on May 28, 2017. The completion of the certification is scheduled for 2020. Mass production would begin in 2021.

OAK is currently developing the MC-21-200 model with capacity for 165 passengers and the MC-21-300 for 211 passengers.

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