The Pentagon assured that the US would not benefit from Syrian oil


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The United States claims profits from the sale of Syrian oil to the Syrian Kurdish organization.

Pentagon spokesman Roth Hoffman told reporters that the profits from the sale of Syrian oil to the Syrian Democratic Forces, not the United States, would benefit.

Meanwhile, William Brem, deputy chairman of the US Armed Forces Chiefs of Staff Committee at the Pentagon's brief press conference, failed to answer which oil fields are active and which mines are inactive. He said he had no specific information about it, and much of Syria's oil infrastructure was damaged by years of war.

Earlier in a Twitter message, Trump announced a phone conversation with Syrian Democratic Forces commander Gen Mazlum Abdi, saying it may be time for Syrian Kurds to move to the oil fields.

Much of Syria's oil fields are in the Kurdish north and east. Most of these squares were under the control of terrorist groups for some time after the outbreak of the civil war in Syria and fell back on them by the Syrian Kurdish forces and their allies.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham responds to reporters' questions after meeting with US Army Chief of Staff Mark Miley at the White House, saying US Army Chief of Staff Mark Mill is developing a plan to "protect" the squares. There is oil in Syria.

He added: "This plan may provide us with what we need to prevent the return of ISIL and prevent the seizure of Syrian oil."

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