The Paris City Council tapped for using a Canadian photo to promote a weekend in the region


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To illustrate his advice to Parisians to "take a breath of fresh air" during the long weekend ahead, the official account of the town hall used a photograph of a forest in Quebec. The process provoked the strong reaction of an elected Parisian, former TV columnist.

At the approach of a three-day weekend, the Paris City Council posted a cheerful tweet, suggesting city dwellers to go out for a walk, accompanied by a snapshot of an autumnal forest. But not Parisian, Canadian! What was tackled by former TV columnist and elected Paris Pierre Liscia.

The fact that the administration of the capital has advised Parisians to take advantage of a long weekend to "get a breath of fresh air" and has, to illustrate this, used a photograph taken in the vicinity of Quebec, to the fall of 2017, has aroused the indignation of Pierre Liscia.

In his response on Twitter, he pointed out that the cliche concerned was stored in the Flickr image bank, the use of which is paid for certain types of photographs, while "we know the heritage treasures that count our capital and its region ".

The former chronicler also tweeted: "It is well worth having 417 employees communicating at the City Hall!". The action was considered disrespectful by the Republican leader of the 2nd district of the French capital, Brice Alzon.

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