The Kremlin denies plans to ban Wikipedia in Russia


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MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russian Presidency spokesman Dmitri Peskov denied plans to ban or restrict the use of Wikipedia in Russia.

"Wikipedia is a respectable, popular and self-renewable resource. What the president (Vladimir Putin) and some other speakers took into account is that nobody, with all our respect, can guarantee the information published and updated regularly on Wikipedia," said Peskov .

The spokesman added that "nobody guarantees the accuracy and veracity of this information."

"What the president was referring to is the need to guarantee access to a reliable source of encyclopedic data, which is the Great Encyclopedia of Russia. It is not in any way to prohibit or hinder access to Wikipedia," he said. Kremlin representative.

Speaking on November 5 at a meeting of the Council for the Russian language, Vladimir Putin suggested replacing Wikipedia with a digital format of the Great Encyclopedia of Russia.

The Russian president was referring to the encyclopedia published by the Russian Academy of Sciences, which since 2016 has a digital version.

In September it was reported that Russia could allocate almost 1.7 billion rubles ($ 26.5 million) to create a Russian Wikipedia analogue, in 2020-2022.

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