The Government of Mexico links the son of a former president with attacks by 'bots'


The Government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador related Luis Calderon Zavala, son of the country's former president Felipe Calderon; Aurelio Nuno, former federal secretary of Public Education, and federal deputy Juan Carlos Romero Hicks to press attack labels that recently became a trend on Mexican Twitter.

During the morning conference of the Mexican president at the National Palace on November 4, Alejandro Mendoza Alvarez, a specialist in computer security at the Ministry of Public and Public Security, explained that a "bot mother account" was identified, associated with a user named Donkeys grave. In addition, activity was detected in child bots —Also called nodes— from the accounts of Aurelio Nuno, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks and Luis Calderon Zavala.

Mendoza Alvarez explained that the mother accounts are responsible for publishing the tweets, which are immediately retweeted by the nodes. In particular, the expert referred to the publications with the hashtags #PrensaProstituida, #PrensaSicaria and #PrensaCorrupta who took first place among the most talked about issues on Twitter nationwide the previous days.
According to the expert, 70% of the mentions contained negative positions towards the media, 20% were positive and 10% were neutral. Mendoza Alvarez pointed out that 74.27% of the mentions were made by real users, while 25.73% for 'bots'.

After the analysis was presented, Lopez Obrador asked users of social networks not to use insults, but to argue. In addition, he stressed that his Government does not use 'bots' to attack journalists.

"The conservatives are deranged, desperate, they have no arguments and they insult me ​​and use robots, which is immoral. We have never done it, nor will it be done," said the president.

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