The dollar is trading at 5.76 on the last day of the week.


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Dollar / TL is traded at 5.7610 after the day started with rising.

Yesterday After falling to this level after seeing 5.7833 dollar/ TL, 5.7545'e fell down 0.35 percent compared to the previous closing day of 5.7606'dan finished.

Dollar / TL, today began to rise immediately above yesterday's close of 5.7610'dan finds buyers. Euro / TL sold just below the previous close at 6.3460, with £ 0.14 / pound increasing at 7.4445.

Analysts said the trade balance and Central Bank of Turkey in the dorm today's Financial Stability Report, while abroad, inflation in the Eurozone, noting that followed the data rate of unemployment in Germany and the eurozone is technically dollar / TL, 5.7350'nin support, 5.7820'nin resistance position, he said.

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