The button that users always wanted but not brought to Facebook comes to Vkontakte


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Russian social media platform Vkontakte has announced plans to launch the gecirme liking ’button. Facebook has not fulfilled the demands of the users for the introduction of this button in addition to the Beğen Like ’button for years.

Russian social media platform VkontakteAnnounced the plan to put the ‘liking’ button into use. Facebook has not been fulfilling the demands of the users for the introduction of this button in addition to the 'Like' button for years.

At the VKontakte conference in Moscow, the capital of Russia, it was stated that the ‘liking’ button would be added to the site. According to the company, this option will strengthen the comment section.

Users will be able to report their discontent about any post without commenting through the button to be added to the comments. When a certain number of users click the me like ’button, the comment will be invisible.

Facebook users, CEO of the company Mark ZuckerbergHas been requesting such a button since 2009, but the demand has still not been fulfilled. Emoji option has been introduced instead of this button on the site to show attitude towards disliked comments.

Zuckerberg said he was concerned that this button could be used to humiliate others' posts.

Users even organized signature campaigns to convince Zuckerberg.

VK, the 12th most popular website in the world, has 38 million users per month and the total number of registered users from IP addresses in Russia is 100 million.

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