The beginning of World War against the Islamic Republic of Iran


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Iranian militants call the protests in the country a global war against the Islamic Republic

On Friday, a Basij (militia under the wing of the Revolutionary Guards) said: "The unrest caused by rising fuel prices represents a" World War "against the Islamic Republic. "A full-fledged global war against the regime and the revolution was born, but fortunately it was suffocated in the bud," said Brig.

According to ISNA, Ibnoush noted: The evil coalition, which includes the "Zionists" (traditionally called the Islamic Republic of Israel by the Israeli authorities), is the US and Saudi Arabia, behind the incitement of the insurgency.

Last Tuesday, Ghazam Hossein Ghayb Parvar, a former commander of the Bazaar Mostazafin, said: "The protest situation is stabilizing and authorities have identified the main perpetrators of the disturbances.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), for its part, also expressed concern that the use of military ammunition by security forces to quell the riots has led to significant casualties.

On November 15, an order was issued in Iran to triple the price of gasoline. Under the new rules, car owners can get 1,500 tomans up to 60 liters of gasoline per month, and 25 liters of motorcycles. 400 liters are provided for individual taxi drivers. Following this decision, protests erupted in a number of Iranian cities and led to clashes with police.

Western media say Iranian authorities confirmed the deaths of five people, including three security officials. However, Amnesty International estimated the death toll in Iran's protests to be 106.

Last Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that the authorities had achieved another success by commenting on the protests. Tehran claimed the protests were organized by foreign forces, with the US and Israel at the forefront.

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