Stupor for a Belgian entrepreneur who wanted to use his card to pay for his sandwich


It would be funny if it was not sad: a Belgian entrepreneur discovered that he had, overnight, a negative balance of 100 billion euros. The story had a happy ending, but "I had to go out of my way to get things moving," said the man.

While he wanted to buy a sandwich, his credit card was refused for insufficient balance. Being sure of having enough money on his account, this Belgian entrepreneur went to consult his application. What was his surprise in finding that he had a negative balance of 99,999,996.506,16 euros!

The man shared his misadventure on social networks.

"When your card is refused for the lunch sandwich (…) Do not be heart," he wrote with humor.

He was convinced that he could settle the matter immediately, but it was not so.

"A big blow of stress"

The man said he was afraid to end up with interest to pay, "and with such a sum we are talking about millions of euros!"

"It's laughing at first, but it's still a big blow of stress," he said, quoted by the Belgian newspaper La Derniere heure.

He contacted his bank who mentioned "maybe a bug", but did not hurry to fix the situation.

"I had to go out of my way to get things moving, especially through my lawyer," he said.

Finally, his balance is back to normal.

"A bug, it can happen. I still found myself a few days as a creditor of a bank for a huge sum, "he said, adding that at present, his company posted" a bank balance quite normal (…) All's well That ends well !"

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