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The Egyptian artist, Sumaya El Alfy, revealed for the first time that her divorced Egyptian artist, Farouk El Fishawy, wept before his death.

In an interview with "One of the People," she said on Saturday that Egypt's Farouk al-Fishawi wanted to see his only granddaughter, Lina. Her mother was in England, and they could not return to Egypt at the time.

Al-Alfy explained that Farouk al-Fishawi, when he met his granddaughter Lena for the first time, became like the dream that he was looking for and achieved, and crying: ".

She and Farouk al-Fishawi have not seen their granddaughter since she was four years old. "Since Lena's departure, Farouk is no longer the same as she was," she said.

"When Lina traveled with her mother to stay in London, her father agreed, but I was very sad. I have not met her since she went abroad, and I hope to see her soon."

"I was very saddened by the video posted by my granddaughter, Lina, on social media, in which she talks about her father inappropriately, and all that is circulating in the newspapers about not spending on his daughter is not true at all."

Al-Alfy broke down in tears during the program.

It is noteworthy that Lina Fishawi lives with her mother Hind Hinnawi in London, where she studies there, and announced at the time of the death of her grandfather artist Farouk Fishawi that she could not come to Egypt because of her father, who took a court ruling to prevent her from traveling to England again.

Farouk al-Fishawi died in July after a bitter struggle with cancer at a private hospital in Cairo.

According to local media reports, Egyptian artist Farouk El-Fishawy, aged 67, died after falling into a coma.

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