Sakurajima volcano exploded in Japan – Sputnik Turkey


An eruption took place at the Sakurajima volcano in southern Japan.

According to the news in the Japanese news agency Kyodo, Bay of Kagoshimaactive on a peninsula in Turkey Volcano Sakurajimafrom the crater at the summit in the evening began to rise in the ash cloud.

The Japanese Meteorological Agency said that the ashes rose 5,500 meters and that this was the largest eruption in the volcano since July 2016.

The agency warned that if the explosion lasts, volcanic rocks and lava flow can spread to a 1-kilometer-wide environment.

Material damage has not yet occurred due to the explosion.

The peninsula where the Sakurajima Volcano was located was formerly a separate candidate within the Gulf of Kagoshima, and after the great eruption of the volcano in 1914, the lava filled the eastern coastline and joined the Osumi Peninsula.

The eruption was recorded as the largest eruption in the history of Japan.

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