Safadi announces withdrawal of prime minister nomination in Lebanon


Muhammad al-Safadi, who was mentioned among the candidates for the presidency of the government to be established in Lebanon, stated that he withdrew his candidacy and asked for the duty to be given to Saad al-Hariri.

Lebanon According to the news in the official news agency NNALEB'te, as a result of negotiations between the political parties in the country after being deemed appropriate for the prime minister Safadi, demanded that the name be removed from among the prime minister candidates.

Pointing out that Hariri has been negotiating with the aim of establishing a new cabinet in recent days, Safadi said he wanted to be excused from this duty and said, "The situation in the country no longer tolerates waiting, polemics and additional consultations."
"I felt it was difficult to establish a homogeneous government supported by all political parties that would take immediate rescue measures that would end the economic and financial deterioration and enable the street to respond to their desires," Safadi said.
Safadi, the statement, especially in the name of various parties in response to the statements made by Hariri said.

After a month of protests in Lebanon, the government had to resign. However, a clear result could not be obtained from the negotiations conducted with the aim of forming a new government.

Demonstrations continue in the country under the shadow of these developments. Demonstrators have demanded the establishment of an independent and reduced government of technocrats, an early election, and the prosecution of corrupt executives, rather than a cabinet formed by political parties that have shared power since the end of the civil war in 1990.

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