Russia reveals an Iranian request for two billion dollars


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Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that Iran expects to receive a loan of $ 2 billion from the Russian Federation for the implementation of a number of projects, and that taking into account the previous decisions, the total loan could be about $ 5 billion.

Moscow – Sputnik. "They have already applied for a number of projects, budget and government loans," Novak, who is also co-chairman of the Russian-Iranian government committee, told reporters. "The Finance Ministry is studying this issue, you can ask the Finance Ministry."

Novak said: "About $ 2 billion, it could be 5 billion – taking into account previous decisions. They say they have received a total of $ 5 billion in 2015."

"The loan will be for the construction of thermal power plants, hydroelectric power stations, railways, and increased metro vehicles," the Russian minister said, commenting on projects for which Iran wants funds.

"Initially, it was supposed to allocate funds from the public loan for the $ 1.2 billion Serik power plant project at a cost of $ 1.2 billion, in addition to providing the Garmsar-Inch Boron railway at a cost of $ 1 billion," he said.

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