Russia calls its partners to study its security strategy in the Persian Gulf


UN (Sputnik) – Russia's deputy ambassador to the UN, Dmitri Polianski, called on foreign partners to study the Russian strategy of collective security in the Persian Gulf.

The diplomat made this call in a session of the UN Security Council on Yemen.

"We call back all interested parties to study this document and join the collective work aimed at finding mutually acceptable solutions to regional problems," said Polianski.

He argued that "the military confrontation in Yemen causes the subsequent strengthening of terrorist groups" and that "the sooner all Yemeni parties join forces to counter the terrorist threat, the less likely the radicals will have to retain their positions."

Polianski recalled that precisely the Russian strategy "is intended to unlock conflict situations, develop confidence and control measures."

On July 29, Russia presented its collective security strategy to the UN in the Persian Gulf.

The Russian proposal stipulates, among other measures, to renounce the deployment of foreign military bases in the region.

In addition, he urges the establishment of agreements on arms control and the creation of demilitarized zones in the gulf.

Moscow also proposes to create an organization for security and cooperation in the Persian Gulf, in which the countries of the region and some extra-regional actors, such as Russia, USA, China, India and the European Union, take part.

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