Russia and Ukraine intend to intensify bilateral energy work


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Moscow and Kiev have agreed to intensify bilateral work in the coming days during consultations on gas earlier Thursday, the Russian Energy Ministry said.

Moscow-Sputnik. "There has been an exchange of proposals to resolve the issues facing the parties and an agreement has been reached to intensify joint bilateral action in the coming days," a ministry statement said.

The statement added that "the parties discussed Russian-Ukrainian cooperation in the gas sector – the settlement of mutual claims for the implementation of contracts, the conditions for the transfer of Russian gas to Europe starting in 2020, and prospects for Ukrainian consumers buy Russian gas directly."
During the last tripartite consultations with the European Commission last October, the Russian side presented a position on the need for a comprehensive solution to the transport issue – along with litigation and gas supplies to Ukraine, but no progress has been made in this direction.

Ukraine stopped buying Russian gas in November 2015, after which it did not use Russian fuel in preparation for the heating season, by pumping gas purchased through the opposite direction in Europe to storage facilities. The current contract to transport Russian gas through Ukraine expires at the end of 2019.

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