Reproduction of 6 dogs with "security sense" feature in China


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China has cloned six "security sense" features to help China's security forces perform their duties.

The six dogs were born last August in a cloning process, where specific traits of puppies were passed to speed up the training.

The DNA of previously trained dogs with a high level of performance was used for cloning, which would attribute the "security sense" of the six puppies.

The cloned puppies were named after Chinese, namely, qishong, kicheng, keshi, kihui, kichuang and kexin.

The DNA was given by two dogs, five and four years old, who were highly experienced and proved very successful in their security duties with the police. The DNA match between them was 99%, according to a Chinese police statement.

China has cloned the first police dog at the beginning of this year, in the city of Kunming, saying it has reached the "key to reproduction" to produce strong and fast dogs, according to "Sky News."

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