Putin's "wife" arrested while trying to enter the Kremlin


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A woman from Ukraine tried to break into the Kremlin to meet Vladimir Putin pretending to be his wife. Arrested, she was subjected to psychiatric expertise.

Wednesday, November 20, the attention of tourists on the Red Square was attracted by a woman who behaved strangely.

According to the Moscow daily Moskovsky Komsomolets, she shouted that she was the wife of Vladimir Putin and demanded a meeting with him in the Kremlin.
The Federal Protection Service officers arrested her and a police vehicle took her to the nearest police station.
It was established that this 36-year-old woman was a Ukrainian citizen. Suspected of schizophrenia, she was taken to a psychiatric clinic.

Putin's wife

Vladimir Putin was married once with Lioudmila Chkrebneva. The ceremony took place in 1983. Vladimir Putin was at the time 30 years old and his wife, 25. In 2013, the couple announced its mutual intention to separate.

In 2014, it was announced that their divorce had been formalized. The head of state has since been single.

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