Protests in Chile: number of injured and detained


The National Institute for Human Rights (INDH) in Chile has publicized the number of those injured and detained during the protests in the country.

The data were collected by the National Institute of Human Rights in the course of the observation of the demonstrations, the police stations and the medical centers in the period from October 17 to November 4, 12:00,

According to this, there are 1659 injured people in hospitals. 849 of them have had gunshot wounds and 160 people have had eye injuries.

A total of 4364 people were arrested during the demonstrations, including 670 women and 479 minors.

Protests in Chile

The wave of protests had flared in mid-October due to the increase in subway ticket prices by 30 Chilean pesos (the equivalent of 4 euro cents) in the Chilean capital Santiago. It spread to the whole country and there were demands that went beyond the provision of fares. The demonstrations were peaceful at first, but became increasingly radical over the days. Many protested for low wages and pensions, high prices, and impossible tuition. According to media reports, at least 19 people lost their lives during the demonstrations.
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