President of Ecuador: we will implement the measures if there were police excesses in the protests


QUITO (Sputnik) – Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno said that during protests against his decision to eliminate fuel subsidies there were human rights violations by the Police, the relevant legal measures will be implemented.

"If the search for social peace and the fight against violent groups generated errors or human rights were affected, we will implement the corresponding legal measures, like any democratic government, within the framework of the Rule of Law," said the President during the inauguration , in Quito, of the 174 Period of Sessions of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

In his speech the President of Ecuador reiterated that during the 12 days of violent protests the country's democracy was at risk.
"The whole world witnessed how Ecuador was successful in a violent coup attempt, the most sacred and precious thing we have was at risk: the human rights of all Ecuadorian society," he added.

He said that the actions of the State to protect the rights of all its inhabitants required the use of the Police. "That I hear well, our uniformed brothers did so by strictly observing the rules to which they are subject," he emphasized.

The president recalled that under the umbrella of the right to resistance, during the protests, public buildings like the National Comptroller's Office were set on fire; oil wells and drinking water systems were paralyzed, stolen cargo vehicles, assaulted several transmission antennas, attempted to burn a television channel, small businesses, food and production industries were destroyed; Thousands of liters of milk were spilled on roads.
He added that the human rights of abducted police, journalists and military were also affected.
He said that the kidnapped police and military were humiliated, assaulted and veiled, because they were forced to undress in public, there were burned police, two lost an eye, 12 have severe sight impairments and hundreds have fractures and head breakages.

He cited the case of female police officers, including a pregnant woman, kidnapped for five days and taken with blows to the place where they were always naked, humiliated.

One of them, Moreno said, related how his male companions were beaten in the face and head, gave them gasoline and threatened to incinerate them; "in the House of Culture (one of the centers of concentration of the Protestants) they threatened to apply indigenous justice, saying that their bodies would be a trophy of revenge of their peoples. We never saw (in Ecuador) something of those characteristics and qualified as a peaceful protest, "lamented the President.
Moreno said that with those who criminalized the processes are followed according to law, because "nobody is on the Law, nobody is on the rights of people. No right of an individual can be claimed at the expense of the rights of others."
During the mobilizations and protests there were looting and destruction of public and private assets, vandalism and a series of violent events, including the burning of the National Comptroller's building, events unprecedented in the country's history.

According to the Ombudsman of Ecuador, during the protests 11 people died, there were 1,192 apprehensions and 1,340 wounded.

Data from the Ministry of Government realize that during the protest days 42 ambulances were attacked, 435 police officers injured, 202 detained, 26 community police units destroyed and 108 police vehicles affected, some of them incinerated.

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