People's reaction to men's polygamy + video, photo


The topic of polygamy is widely discussed among users in the cyberspace and among the public and has received varying responses.

According to Sputnik, the rise of reactions in Iranian society has become a controversial topic in social networks with the issue of polygamy and the holding of multi-media skills and publicity workshops.
There was a report from an interview with the public and it was investigated that all opinions were against polygamy. The report was broadcast on Iranian television.

Many users disagree with men's polygamy, believing that polygamy stems from sexual need and diversity, and that religious prostitution has taken shape through increased intercourse within the one-to-one-hour, one-day or multiple-day rituals. These users believe this is very disgusting and unbelievable for people, but it's common for people who have always had sex with women. Users claim that their people are wiser and that this cannot be imposed on society.

A group of users also argue that if authorities are concerned about widows and divorces, they should provide them with better living conditions and peace of mind in order to avoid instability in society. They raise the question: why aren't any authorities opposed to polygamy and do not see it as disrupting the mental security of society and not saying that it needs financial ability ?! These users believe that this means that they fully agree with the issue, as many have chosen a couple of wives.

Another group of users who see the promotion of polygamy as prostitution say that this is a subject to turn people away from embezzlement and corruption in Iranian society. And are the gentlemen who enact these laws their daughters ready to marry? In a polygamous society, people who do not have the means to raise a family are forced to commit adultery.

Users wonder whether it is important for their spouse that their spouse does not think about the consequences, while millions of young Iranians are over the age of marriage and left single due to lack of marriage.

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