One volcanic eruption destroys one island and breeds another in the Pacific – video


As a result of an 18-day volcanic activity in the Tongan archipelago, an island has disappeared, while a new one, three times larger than the previous one, is born, says the Daily Mail.

The birth of an island three times larger than that disappeared during volcanic eruptions that lasted 18 days in the Tongan archipelago was detected by researchers, reports the Daily Mail.

This new island, named after Lateiki or Metis Shoal, emerged from lava beds at the top of a fracture of the Earth's crust, according to Tonga Geological Service's report.

The phenomenon occurred during an underwater volcanic activity of 18 days in October 2019, in an area affected by frequent earthquakes.

Currently, Lateiki is about 100 meters wide and 400 meters long, and is 120 meters west of its submerged predecessor.

Tonga is on the Pacific Ring of Fire, where about 90% of the world's earthquakes occur.

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