"Nothing happens to Spain that is not happening to other countries"


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Spain is currently experiencing a situation similar to that of other European nations, said Sputnik Irene Lozano, Secretary of State of Global Spain, referring to the elections of November 10 in the Iberian country.

"Everyone knows that since 2008 there was a financial and economic crisis of brutal dimensions and that this has resulted in a political crisis in many countries. Which countries do not have political problems today? There are institutional crises, problems with nationalism, the extreme right, with fascism … ", commented Lozano.

He also added that "these are elections in which there is a lot of uncertainty, but that is not something exclusive to us. The United Kingdom holds elections on December 12 and there is also uncertainty. Nothing happens to Spain that is not happening to other countries of its environment".
For Lozano, "the fact that Spain has to hold other early elections seems to me to be the least bad. My grandmother voted in the 1930s and then spent 40 years without voting. If they told my grandmother, you have to vote four times in four years I would say welcome. Luckily we have democratic mechanisms that allow us to solve political problems. "

Spain celebrates its fourth elections in four years on November 10, elections that come after the inability of political parties to form a government in the last legislature.

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