North Korea appreciates Russian and Chinese steps at the UN to ease sanctions against them


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Pyongyang appreciates the efforts of Moscow and Beijing at the UN to ease sanctions against North Korea, said the head of the department for US affairs of the North Korean Foreign Ministry, Jo Chol-su.

"We appreciate the efforts undertaken by our Russian and Chinese colleagues at the UN" regarding sanctions against Pyongyang, he said at the Non-Proliferation Conference that hosts Moscow from November 7-9.

He said that "our Russian and Chinese colleagues do not adopt our position, but they understand that sanctions have a negative impact on the lives of civilians on a permanent and daily basis, and sanctions must be lifted."
The North Korean nuclear program for years aroused concern in the international community, its development caused the UN Security Council to impose sanctions against Pyongyang.
After carrying out a series of nuclear tests and rocket launches in 2017, North Korea declared the objective set and announced it was prepared to undertake denuclearization assuming that nuclear weapons should be withdrawn from the entire Korean peninsula and that it should obtain security guarantees.

Since 2018, the leaders of the United States and North Korea, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, have held three meetings in which they agreed to move towards the denuclearization of the peninsula and the normalization of relations.

In addition, the two Koreas held several bilateral summits.

However, at present the process of distention in the Korean peninsula and the dialogues between Pyongyang and Washington on denuclearization have been stalled.

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