New security measure in Facebook Messenger


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Facebook, 'Messenger for Security Hub' aims to help take control of privacy.

Facebookconsiders privacy as an important issue in recent years. Following the security scandals, the global giant, who prioritized effective steps in this area, announced a new privacy and security issue after opening a new Privacy and Security Center.

According to Shiftdelete, the new section on Messenger's website includes a number of options, including blocking, reporting and silencing a person, as well as informing them how to do it all.

The page also reminds users that they can manually change whether or not they appear online in Messenger. And of course, we're talking about Confidential Conversations, which is the only way to send end-to-end encrypted messages on the platform, but the company promises that this feature will be enabled by default throughout Messenger in the coming period.

On the other hand, a secret conversation with Facebook Messenger to be lost after a while can be made. The new secret conversation option has been greeted with interest by many users. These conversations are deleted from both sides of the speech after a while.

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