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Mohammad Ali Jafari, a former commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, said Rouhollah Zam's arrest had been on schedule for one year.

The former commander of the Revolutionary Guards in a television program stating that the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Agency had been planning to arrest Ruhollah Zam several times over the past year, saying: "We went to work twice. "But it was not appropriate and there was an accident and it was not a good opportunity to do the right thing until this time."

The former commander of the Corps described the detention of the director of the Telegram Channel as a sign of the strength of the IRGC, saying, "One of the dimensions of the IRGC's power is the intelligence power of the IRGC."

A demonstration by Rouhollah Zam and Qassem Soleimani was also shown during the demonstration in Tehran on 13 November, which implied that Qods Force Commander, an offshoot of the Revolutionary Guards, was responsible for Zem's arrest.

Following his arrest and release during the post-election protests, Rouhollah Zam had fled Iran and resided in France, and after the nationwide protests in January, his telegram channel had been received.

The Revolutionary Guards issued a statement on Monday, October 21, announcing the arrest of Rouhollah Zam, director of the Gaddafi Channel, saying that agents of the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Service had sent him on a "sophisticated" technical plan after "leading to Inside the country. ”

Nearly a month later, however, the IRGC and the Islamic Republic's judicial authorities have not provided an explanation as to how they were detained.

Mahsa Razani, wife of Ruhollah Zam, announced that her husband had been abducted by security forces after traveling to Iraq via the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, stopping at Amman Airport and eventually Baghdad Airport.

"My wife, Ruhollah, departed for Baghdad on Friday, October 19, by Royal Jordanian flight from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. She had a brief stop in the Jordanian capital Amman and arrived in Baghdad on Saturday morning," he said.

Razani insisted that after Ruhollah Zam arrived at Baghdad Airport in the "first 6 hours of arrival in Baghdad, we had no news of him, and he did not respond to my numerous calls until Sunday morning, October 21, in a one-minute phone call with Unusual language and literature reported his health and we did not know about him again until news of his abduction and detention in the Iranian media was published. "

Mohammed Ali Zam, the father of Ruhollah Zam and one of Ali Khamenei's former appointees, said in a statement on Sunday, November 5, "None of the family members participated in arranging Ruhallah's travel arrangements and arrests."

The statement implied a reaction to news of the role of the father and family members of Rouhullah Zam in persuading him to travel to Iraq as part of the IRGC's plan to arrest the director of the Dada News Channel and transfer him to Iran.

However, in a statement, Mohammad Ali Zam implicitly confirmed that his son had been taken to Iraq and subsequently arrested under the name of meeting with Ayatollah Sistani. In his statement he did not use the term "detention" or "kidnapping" of his son, describing it as "restitution" and wrote: "Returning Ruhullah on the pretext of visiting pilgrims and meeting with the Shiite authority in Iraq and then transferring him to We have considered Iran, another leaf of God's blessing on him and us. "

Mohammad Ali Zam, father of Ruhollah Zam, is one of the clerics who support the Iranian government. He also worked as a producer in Iranian cinema for some time and brought his son into the world of cinema. Mohammad Ali Zam was also a candidate for the fifth term of the Islamic Consultative Assembly in Tehran on May 19, but failed to win the necessary votes and continued his post as deputy cultural and social secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Zones of Iran.

Rouhollah Zam, a critic of former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was arrested by the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence after a year of protests. In a letter he wrote to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, he stated that he had been tortured during his detention in Evin Prison.

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