Netanyahu gives his "total support" to the annexation to Israel of the Jordan Valley


JERUSALEM (Sputnik) – Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, expressed his "total support" for a bill whereby the Knesset will annex Israel to the Jordan Valley, located east of the occupied West Bank.

"The bill has the full support of the prime minister," said Likud deputy Sharren Haskel, the Jerusalem Post reported on November 19.

Haskel wants the Knesset to expedite the procedures to be able to immediately vote on the bill, something that will depend on the favorable vote of a parliament commission.

The decision to support this initiative comes less than 24 hours after the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on November 18 at night that the United States has stopped considering Jewish settlements in the West Bank illegal.

Haskel proposed several weeks ago the annexation bill of the Jordan Valley, and in view of the declaration of Pompeo has decided to promote the fast track for approval by the Kneset. If the fast track is not applied, the bill should wait at least six weeks.

Just before the last elections on September 17, Netanyahu announced that if he was re-elected prime minister, he would annex the Jordan Valley.

"I call (to the opposition) to keep their promises and their words, and vote alongside the Likud in the application of sovereignty," Haskel said. "There is no reason why this important bill is not approved by the full with a majority of 80 deputies."

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