NATO extra-regional allies in the Arctic


Sputnik World

The internationalization of NATO's military activities in the Arctic is becoming an increasingly visible trend, the special envoy of the Russian Foreign Ministry for Arctic cooperation told Sputnik Nikolai Korchunov.

"The internationalization of military activity in the Arctic is becoming an increasingly visible trend that causes military and political tensions, exacerbated by the increased frequency of NATO forces' actions in the region," he said.

The diplomat added that "the distant states of the Arctic are dragged into that dubious activity," adding that these countries began to include the Arctic in the area of ​​their military activity.

Korchunov cited as examples the military strategy for the Arctic of the Department of Defense of the United Kingdom and the report of the French Ministry of Defense, which justified the viability of a French military presence in the Arctic
He also stressed that there are no problems in the Arctic that need a military solution and stressed that Russia believes that this region has a low tension potential.

"There are no problems in the Arctic that must be resolved by force. On the contrary, we consider the Arctic to be a region with low voltage potential, but with great potential for cooperation and joint efforts in the face of common challenges, "he said.

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