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The US Aerospace Authority (NASA) has unveiled its first all-electric X-57 Maxwell aircraft. This reports Reuters on Saturday.

The Presentation of the aircraft took place at the Armstrong Flight Research Center in California. NASA also demonstrated a recently built simulator that allows engineers and pilots to feel how the finished version of the X-57 can maneuver.

"We focus on things that can help the entire industry, not just a business. Our goal now is to fly this aircraft by the end of 2020, "he said Brent Colby, Head of NASA's Armstrong Research Center.

                    REUTERS / MIKE BLAKE

X-57 Maxwell, the first electric plane presented by NASA

It is emphasized that the final modification of the aircraft narrower and lighter wings will have to be equipped with 14 electric motors.

The X-57 Maxwell is the first all-electric experimental aircraft.

It was built on the basis of the Tecnam P2006T twin-engine propeller aircraft, but is used instead of conventional combustion engines electric motors fitted.

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