Nanterre students want to adjourn exams to strike on December 5th


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Meeting in general assembly, students of Paris-X-Nanterre claim the postponement of the date of partial, because they consider that the time of the revisions is not compatible with that of the demonstration of December 5 against the reform of the pensions, to which they intend to participate, reports Le Parisien.

150 politicized students from the University of Nanterre gathered Thursday, November 28 in a general assembly in an amphitheater building Rene Remond to vote the adjournment of the partial to start December 9. The reason? The day of December 5 strike against the pension reform, reports Le Parisien.

"The time will not be to revisions. We will be at the time of the mobilization and the claim, "explains the daily Victor, an activist at Unef and the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA).

"This movement is about everyone, not just special diets. We must absolutely convince the youth to join this mobilization, "insists a student.

Another general meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4th to specify the follow-up to be given to this student mobilization which is for the moment weak.

The interprofessional strike of December 5

An interprofessional strike against the pension reform is to be held on December 5th. The mobilization worries the authorities who fear a convergence of struggles, as police, railway workers, hospital staff, teachers and even firefighters have been called by several unions to join the ranks of the mobilization.

This reform aims to transform the current system of pensions by a universal system by points. In an interview broadcast on October 28 by RTL, Emmanuel Macron said he intends to "go after this reform" and that it will have "no form of weakness or complacency" in the face of the mobilizations even if this reform came to make it "unpopular".

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