Mortar attack on Akcakale: 4 soldiers wounded


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YPG by the Syrian Tel Abyad region of Akcakale district of Sanlıurfa border attack station learned that a pest attack. 4 soldiers were wounded after the attack, mortar shots were taken under intense fire by artillery units.

YPG-free with Peace Spring Operation Tel Abyad'of Ayn Jesus at night YPGmortars attack was carried out by the Americans.

The fired mortar shells hit a border station on the border line. 4 soldiers were injured in the attack.

Wounded soldiers were taken to the Akcakale State Hospital in ambulances. Soldiers after the first intervention here Sanliurfahas been shipped.


After the attack, the state of the artillery troops stationed on the border line responded to the area where the terrorists were located within the scope of engagement rules and the area where the attack was carried out was kept under intense fire. Howitzer shots were heard from Akcakale. While security measures were increased at the border, howitzer shots for the determined targets continued uninterrupted.

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