More than one million Syrian families will receive heating oil this month


The Syrian Ministry of Oil is working to deliver fuel oil to about 1.25 million Syrian families this month alone

According to a book issued by the Ministry of Oil will be distributed fuel heating for about 41,729 families a day, including about a million and a quarter of families in this month alone.

According to the book, the quantities allocated to the provinces exceeded 256 million liters, of which 148 million will go to heating at the rate of 5 million liters per day.

The distribution of diesel fuel in Syria through the "smart card", where the number of cards granted in the countryside of Damascus to 500 cards and diesel fuel distribution to about 4,000 families per day, an average of 400 thousand liters per day last month, according to the newspaper "Al-Watan" Syrian.

Last month, the director of planning and international cooperation at the Syrian Ministry of Oil, Mohammad Jeroudi, told Sputnik that the Western sanctions imposed on the Syrian oil sector are a war because they prevent a people from providing their heating and agriculture needs, and that Russian expertise will help in the return of oil fields. Syrian production was also increasing.

Syria is suffering from a Western-American blockade covering many sectors, most important of which is the energy sector, which caused severe crises in this sector including gasoline, gas and Mazat.Government efforts have avoided a large part of the crisis and led to real breakthroughs in energy materials recently.

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