Merkel: Turkey is a difficult but must be held within NATO allies


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German Chancellor Angela Merkel, also said that Turkey, though a difficult ally, should be kept in absolute NATO.

Speaking at the General Assembly of the Bundestag Angela MerkelTurkey's 'difficult ally', he said, but because of geo-strategic reasons should be held within NATO unconditionally.

"Europe cannot defend itself alone," Deutsche Welle quoted Merkel as saying.

Prime minister, “NATO's brain death has taken place” President of France Emmanuel MacronDa also referred to.

Merkel said that Germany should strive for NATO's integrity and take more responsibility within the alliance.

Stating that Germany's defense spending would increase further, Prime Minister Merkel said that the country's contribution to NATO would be 1.42 percent of its gross domestic product next year and that ratio would be increased to 1.5 percent by 2024. Merkel stated that this rate would be 2 percent in the early 2030s.

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