"Many firefighters are ready to join the Yellow Vests", according to the boss of South


Firefighters and health workers walk side by side in the streets of Lyon this November 14 to denounce their working conditions. Remy Chabbouh, firefighter and national secretary of Sud, speaks of "a last demonstration before other modes of action" and ensures that many of his colleagues are ready to join the yellow Vests.

This is a very high risk period for the government. This 14th of November marks a day of health workers' demonstration in several French cities. Doctors, nurses, medical students, it is the entire sector who wants to cry out his anger and denounce a public hospital under constant budget pressure, they consider the edge of the explosion.

In Lyon, they were joined by firefighters who, after a strike last summer, demonstrated en masse in Paris on October 15 against their working conditions. A group whose images of clashes between fire and police had been around the media.

Not feeling heard by the government, they decided to walk next to their colleagues in the health sector. Remy Chabbouh, secretary general of the South union, participates in the Lyon event. According to him, this is the last before "other modes of action". He spoke to Sputnik France.

Sputnik France: You hit the road with health workers today. Are we witnessing the convergence of struggles?

Remy Chabbouh: "The convergence of struggles, we hope. With regard to health workers and firefighters, we are on a very specific area, with parallel authorities. We have the same personal and financial constraints. Our event route of the day provides a stop at the Regional Health Agency (ARS). Imagine that today, when the firefighters carry out an ambulance transport, it is commanded by the UAS, which is under the authority of the ARS. Firefighters now have common interlocutors with health personnel in which I include nurses, medical assistants, doctors or emergency doctors. "

Sputnik France: You say you have not been heard by the government after the national demonstration of 15 October. In your opinion, it is time to move to other modes of action. Which?

Remy Chabbouh: "Today, concerning us, it is the last traditional manifestation with course of a point A to a point B and declaration in prefecture. We have planned other modes of action starting in early December. Being an organizer, I can tell you about it. We intend to invest for several days or even weeks, a famous Parisian place. We are already going on from December 2nd to 6th. The installation will be durable, with barnums and beds. It is a new form of action that aims to bring together professions that have the same constraints as us, as well as the general population. The fact of having a sort of static village will allow us to increase our numbers, which will start with about 70 firefighters. We are hoping for a surge to reach two hundred, three hundred or even 1,000 people or why not beyond. "

Sputnik France: Saturday, November 16 will mark the first anniversary of the movement of yellow vests. They call all the bodies of the angry society to join them. Could this be the case for firefighters?

Remy Chabbouh: "Indeed, a whole bunch of firefighters today believes that unions are no longer audible. When one despises the unions and does not listen to them, a whole group of colleagues becomes radicalized and wants to proceed with other modes of action. Today, many firefighters wish to join the ranks of the Yellow Vests, with a freedom of action that today the unions do not have anymore. It is necessary to declare the demonstrations and the courses several days before, it is necessary to declare the strikes, the gatherings, etc. currently, effective modes of action are those that are unpredictable. Yellow vests have proved it. So yes, many firefighters are ready to join the yellow Vests. More and more. It would be wise for the authorities to give weight to institutional interlocutors such as unions and federations, in order to refocus exchanges. Because right now, it's really mess. "

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