Lula takes his first mass bath and accuses Bolsonaro of ruling for the militia


SAO BERNARDO DO CAMPO (Sputnik) – Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (2003-2011) delivered a speech to a crowd of followers in Sao Bernardo do Campo (outskirts of Sao Paulo), where he said he is willing to lead the opposition and criticized that President Jair Bolsonaro is ruling for the militia.

"Bolsonaro was democratically elected, we accepted the outcome of the elections, but he was elected to govern for the Brazilian people, not for the militiamen of Rio de Janeiro," he said, being strongly applauded.

The leader of the Workers Party (PT) alluded to the citation of Bolsonaro in the case investigating the murder of the councilwoman of Rio de Janeiro Marielle Franco, and asked to clarify who ordered the killing of this "warrior."

The attacks on Bolsonaro were frontal, showing that Lula is already looking for a place as opposition leader.

As usual in his pronouncements, the former president criticized the former Sergio Moro (who convicted him in the first instance) and the prosecutors of Operation Lava Jato, but it was not the central axis of his speech, more dedicated to explaining the problems facing Brazil under the Government of Bolsonaro.

"The so-called left that Bolsonaro fears so much will defeat the extreme right, Brazil does not deserve the government it has," said Lula, citing unemployment rates, attacks on education and the poor or the "lies" of the leader of the far right.

The Brazilian ex-president assured that he will wait 20 days to make a speech to the nation – "so that they do not say that he was angry", and that he is willing to travel throughout the country to rebuild the left in front of Bolsonaro.

He also stopped on the international scene, praising Chile's protests by asking for solidarity with the Chilean people, or showing their support to the Bolivian president, Evo Morales, in front of the attacks on the right of that country.
He was especially hard on the president of the United States and added that "the idea of ​​a wall that aims to be isolated from the poor cannot be tolerated."
The ex-president released from prison on November 8 after a decision of the Federal Supreme Court, which considered unconstitutional that someone is imprisoned until he has exhausted all possible remedies.

However, Lula was not declared innocent; the eight-year and ten-month sentence for corruption and money laundering (which Moro initiated in the first instance) continues to weigh and it is an impediment for him to be a candidate in the presidential elections of 2022.

However, in the atmosphere of Sao Bernardo do Campo many militants were already fantasizing about their return to power, and start changing the slogans "Lula libre" to "Lula innocent", advancing the new defense strategy, which asks that Cancel the entire process.
"Lula suffers so many attacks because he ruled for the poor, the right hates him for that; now I am very happy, the day he entered the prison I cried a lot and now he is here with us, but I am afraid of being killed, because there is so much I hate this country, "Ivanira Feitosa, a worker on the periphery of São Paulo unemployed for three years, told Sputnik.
Among the supporters, joy and optimism dominated by the new political stage that began with his release.

The act starring Lula was characterized by the festive atmosphere and had numerous leaders of the left, such as the former presidential candidate of PT Fernando Haddad, the president of the party, Gleisi Hoffmann, and politicians of allied formations, such as Guilherme Boulos and Marcelo Freixo, of the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL).

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