"Like water": Altmaier calls for free Internet as a universal human right


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According to Peter Altmaier, free access to Internet services should become a global fundamental right. This is the topic the Minister focuses on just before the launch of the United Nations' most important Internet conference.

Altmaier drew a comparison to the human ones basic needs: The free use of the Internet is as important to him as the access to water or education. The CDU politician also wants to send a signal that no new walls should be built and the Internet must remain free and global.

"Free access to the Internet must be a fundamental and human right that applies to all people worldwide," said Altmaier on Sunday.

Germany is the host from Monday to Friday Internet Conference, where more than 5000 participants from 163 countries under the motto "One World. One Net. One Vision "will discuss the future of the Internet. Dealing with data, security and digital inclusion should be the main themes of the conference, according to the ministry.
According to the digital association Bitkom, the internet plays a significant role in developing and emerging countries. It is the information resource of the population, the Basis of freedom of expression and the tool in business, work and private life. The "Internet Governance Forum" in Berlin strives to give people around the world access to the Internet.

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