Kremlin's statement on Putin-Erdogan meeting


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Kremlin, the Turkish side of the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that a telephone conversation took place.

The Kremlin's statement, the meeting discussed the key aspects of Russia-Turkey relations, particularly in energy and strategic projects, including implementation of multilateral cooperation in the field of defense stated that while the positive assessment of the development, "Turkish Current It was noted with great pleasure that the natural gas pipeline will be put into service at the end of December ”.

In the context of the implementation of the Sochi agreement, Syria emphasized the importance of coordinated steps to stabilize the situation in the northeast of this country, provided that "territorial integrity, sovereignty and unity of Syria are strictly followed".

also Idlib During the meeting, the two sides underlined the need for joint efforts to fulfill the agreement reached in 2018.

Syrian Constitutional CommitteePutin and Erdogan confirmed their intention to continue to support the promotion of political dialogue between the Syrian parties.

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