Iraqi Prime Minister Abdulmehdi: Time to return to normal life


While anti-government protests continued in Iraq, Prime Minister Adil Abdulmehdi'den explanation came. Abdulmehdi noted that the demonstrations reached their goals, "It is time for life to return to normal," he said.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdulmehdi, who began last October and made a statement about the protests that led to the deaths of more than 260 people, recalled that a month has passed over the protests in the capital city of Baghdad and the southern provinces, the public's political and electoral it expressed very clearly the reform requests for legal or public services.
Abdulmehdi noted that the protests sometimes turned into a festival where demonstrators and security forces fused. Every drop of blood flowing is very valuable and painful. This must be stopped Bunu.

Prime Minister Abdulmehdi said that the closure of ports due to protests has caused billions of dollars to the country.

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