Iran nuclear deal fiasco would strike for commodity and financial markets – Russia's vice foreign minister


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A failure of the nuclear deal with Iran will also affect the commodities markets, according to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. However, Moscow hopes that the politician emphasizes that one is aware of such a risk in Washington.

"Neither Iran nor the US nor Europe or the rest of the world will win anything by the collapse of the comprehensive agreements (JCPOA – ed.). One high voltage level'capable of overcoming an open conflict can have serious consequences around the world, hit the economy, strike at the commodity and financial markets,' said Ryabkov at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Conference in Moscow.

"But let us hope that this is also understood in Washington," he underlined.

Sergei Ryabkov added that the hypothetical full Disintegration of the JCPOA would lead to a new major crisis in the Middle East, and Iran was aware of this.

"A hypothetical final disintegration of the JCPOA will lead to a new massive crisis in the Middle East," said Ryabkov.

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