Iran does not see concessions forced by US pressure


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US pressure on Iran will not force concessions from Tehran, according to Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi.

"It's an economic war, and that definition is not mine, it's Trump's words that he's one Economic war against Iran has instigated. Under these circumstances, under the circumstances of a business war, we do not negotiate. We will not give in to pressure, at first there should be a truce. This should apply to the two sides, so that they return to their starting positions. Iran is ready for that, "said Araghchi at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Conference in Moscow.

He then warned that the international nuclear deal would be in danger should no breakthrough be achieved in the near future in the light of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPoA).

"It's still a year to go to the US election, but if we can not find a solution to the nuclear deal and do not know how to get out of the crisis we're in right now in the coming months, I think the deal could even burst a few months before the US election, "said Araghchi.

Atomic agreement with Iran

The 5 + 1 countries (UN-Vetostaaten and Germany) and Iran had reached an agreement in July 2015. Iran undertook to restrict substantial parts of its nuclear program. In return, economic and financial sanctions were lifted against Iran. In early May 2018, the US president announced that the US would withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran. Donald Trump had re-launched the comprehensive sanctions against Iran, which had previously been suspended as a result of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA).
On the anniversary of the US exit from the international nuclear agreement, Iran had announced that it would partially withdraw from the nuclear agreement.

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