India's Ambassador to Washington: I do not feel pressure from America against the background of defense cooperation between my country and Russia


India's ambassador to Washington, Harsh Wardhan Seringla, said he does not feel pressure from the United States against the backdrop of defense cooperation between New Delhi and Moscow.

Washington – Sputnik. "No, I didn't feel that," the diplomat told Sputnik. "Obviously, there are some issues that might fall under the amendments to the Katsa law (on confronting US adversaries through sanctions), but we haven't reached yet." To this stage. "
He noted that India has the right to do so (defense cooperation with Russia) in accordance with the requirements of its national interests, "and hoped to overcome possible difficulties in relations with the United States.

Earlier this year, the United States suspended Turkey's participation in the F-35 fighter planes to punish it for buying the Russian system and warned against sanctions, though not yet.

In 2018, the United States insisted that New Delhi abandon plans to buy S-400 systems from Moscow and, despite recognition of India's previous defense ties with Russia, Washington did not rule out sanctions under the Katsa Act US through sanctions ").

For its part, the leadership of India has repeatedly stressed that it considers the application of unilateral restrictions against it is illegal.

At the beginning of October 2018, Russia and India signed a contract to supply New Delhi's S400 air defense systems, worth five regiments of the latest $ 5.43 billion of missile systems.Thus, India will become the third foreign buyer of these systems after China and Turkey.

Russia, along with the United States and Israel, is today a major partner for India in military-technical cooperation.

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