In response to his "call for monotheism" … Naguib Sawiris: God is one


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Egyptian businessman and billionaire Naguib Sawiris responded to a Twitter tweet by calling on him to rethink unification.

He drew an account called Ibn Abdul-Aziz, a tweet to Sawiris, saying: "an influential and successful figure like you, I hope to rethink the issue of the unification of our Lord and that our Lord Almighty Bkter much that he has a son or partner in the King."

"If this great success is not great, it will not benefit you on the Day of Resurrection," he said.

Sawiris responded to the tweet with a brief comment saying "God is one".

Sawiris' response was met by his followers. Many admired the message, while others supported the songwriter's invitation to Sawiris, while a third party saw it as infringing on the freedom of belief guaranteed to everyone.

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