Head of the Abkhaz diplomacy: "Our recognition by the European family is a matter of time"


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In an exclusive interview with Sputnik, Daur Kove, Abkhazian Foreign Minister, discusses the prospects for the recognition of his country by European states and his vision of the future of relations with Georgia.

After Russia recognized Abkhazia's independence from Georgia in 2008, six other states followed suit. Yet this country, located on the border between Asia and Europe, has still not been recognized by the EU countries.
Addressing this question in an interview with Sputnik's correspondent, Daur Kove, who has held the post of head of Abkhazian diplomacy since 2016, stressed that it was important for Sukhumi to bring the history of this country to the attention of European countries. and to found all-out relationships.

"A fairly recent example – when the United States recognized Kosovo's independence, most European countries followed suit and showed solidarity. (…) A solution for Kosovo has been found, "he explains.

Recalling the geographical location of this country of the Caucasus, he said: "Whether we like it or not, (…) we are part of the European family and our acceptance and recognition by the European family is a matter of time".

                    Sputnik. Tomas Tkhaitsuk

Daur Kove

Future relations Abkhazia-Georgia

Asked about the future of relations with Georgia, the minister replied: "good neighborhood".

"We are bordering countries and we must realize it and admit it objectively. We must look to the future and create conditions for future generations to live in peace. The only premise to that – the development of a full-fledged inter-state dialogue, "he noted.

Independence of Abkhazia

Accented in the late 1980s, the conflict between Abkhazia and Georgia turned into an armed confrontation in 1992, the year Sukhumi proclaimed independence. While the ceasefire agreement signed in May 1994 formally ended the direct conflict, it failed to reconcile the two sides.

After the Georgian aggression against Tskhinvali in August 2008, Russia recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia from Tbilisi. Moscow explained that this decision reflected existing realities and that it would not come back on it.

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