He is served a banana in a pub, he denounces a racist gesture – photo


A young black man felt "victimized, alone, disturbed and upset" in a London pub when an anonymous customer used a mobile app to send a banana to his table. According to him, the staff did not handle this incident seriously.

A young man in a London pub became Friday, November 8 victim of a racist gesture. As he shared on his Facebook account, he was with a friend when a waiter brought him an un-ordered banana.

It should be noted that the establishment has an online ordering service via a mobile application. This one allows to send any dish of the card to any table of the pub.

"As a black man, when the waiter brought this to me, I felt victimized, alone, upset and upset, all in a matter of seconds," he said on his Facebook page. .

According to the Daily Mail, the young man quickly left the place, claiming that the staff had not treated the incident seriously. He has since contacted the police.

"The waiter who took care of it was completely indifferent to the racial problem in front of him and it only annoyed me even more. I share this photo to inform you that this type of behavior is totally unacceptable and needs to be handled more effectively in the future. "

The pub rejects responsibility

A spokesman for the chain to which the establishment belongs apologized while stating that "the pub can not be held responsible for what customers order via the application."

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