He comes close to sharks to immortalize them – photos


A photographer immortalizes the great white sharks by approaching them very closely. He admits that his passion was born thanks to the teeth of the sea.

A photographer spent much of the year 2019 rubbing shoulders with huge sharks off Guadalupe Island, in the far west of Mexico.

A whole series of photos of sharks is visible on the Instagram account of Euan Rannachan. One shows a black eye closely, while another shows a carnivorous "smile", the jaw being a few inches from the lens.

The fear turns into admiration

"The longer you stay around them, the more you feel connected", the photographer told the tabloid Sun.

"I am absolutely convinced that these creatures will come into contact with you if you take the necessary time and if you stay there long enough", he added.

Steven Spielberg's film The Teeth of the Sea inspired him as a child and made him feel a growing fascination with sharks, he admits.

After spending hours photographing them and plunging into a cage, his fear turned to admiration, Rannachan said.

"It does not mean that I'm imprudent, but that I respect their space and that I do not touch them and do not disturb them when they pass", he said.

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