German Defense Minister calls for negotiations on return of refugees to Syria


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The leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Germany's defense minister, called on German Defense Minister Angeret Krump-Karenbauer on Friday to continue working on the issue of the return of refugees to Syria.

Berlin – Sputnik. "Frankly, it is not enough for me to repeat in our meeting that this is terrible. We see this, but we cannot give an answer. I want Germany to negotiate," Karenbaur said in a speech at the annual conference of the Christian Democratic Union. Because these negotiations must take place, because we are talking about people and children who deserve our solidarity and help. "

Today, however, there is no answer to a question on how the situation in Syria has evolved, Karenbaur said. “How can we work to ensure that those people who have fled these areas… can return to them,” she said. To be important to the international community in general and to Europe in particular.

Karenbauer once again described Turkey's operation in Syria against Kurdish militias as a violation of international law, which ended with an agreement between Russia and Turkey to resolve the situation.

Last October, German Defense Minister Angrett Kramp-Karenbaur proposed the creation of a safe zone involving Turkey and Russia under international supervision, the first time Berlin has proposed a military mission in the Middle East.

Alexander Noe, the spokesman for the leftist parliamentary bloc in parliament, said Monday that Western and German politics have led to a catastrophe in Syria, and that the destruction of Syria in this form is appalling. Highly linked to Western support for terrorists.

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