German Ambassador to Moscow: We will always be grateful for the Soviet Union for not interfering with the changes of East Germany


The German ambassador to Russia, Geza Andreas von Geyer, expressed his country's gratitude to the Soviet Union for not interfering with the changes in the GDR in 1989.

Moscow – Sputnik. "We will always be grateful to the Soviet Union for the fact that it did not interfere and did not hinder the peaceful revolution in the GDR in November 1989," von Geier said in Moscow on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

According to him, the Soviet Union played a crucial role in the success of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the changes in the GDR that took place peacefully and without the use of force.

"I bow to the courage and enthusiasm of all those who peacefully put an end to oppression in 1989. Today, we must be careful, even if we disagree on some important issues, so as not to compare today's challenges to the heavy burden that the people of Europe carried during the Cold War," concluded von Geyer. ".

The Berlin Wall was a long wall separating the eastern and western parts of Berlin and the surrounding areas of East Germany.It was intended to curb traffic between West Berlin and East Germany.It began construction on August 13, 1961, and was fortified over time, but was opened on November 9, 1989 and then demolished Almost completely.

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