From Oztrak to Soylu: Lost enough to rise up and insult an elected person


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CHP spokesman Faik Oztrak, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem Imamoglu 'fool' said Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu'yu criticized. Oztrak, "Noble to get up to insult one of those who have lost their self-status. Assigned to the elected do not have the right to speak this way," he said.

CHP Spokesman View Faik's Full Profile made evaluations on the agenda.

Minister of Interior Contact Suleyman directlyMayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) View Ekrem's Full Profile'Uses for the "go to the European Parliament, I say go and complain that idiot Turkey. The cost of these folks will make you pay. This business is not so free. Woe. This nation Woe to the school that read you," criticizing the phrase OZTRAK, he said :

"Suleiman Noble insults has lost enough to do. Appointments do not have the right to speak to the elected. Each dorm when they go out, they discredit Turkey. This is the responsibility of the word and the account will be asked. "

What did the noble say?

According to Anadolu Agency, Soylu recorded the following in his criticism of İmamoğlu:

"European Parliament'S going to go and who to complain to Turkey fool to I'm saying. This nation will make you pay for it. This job isn't that free. Shame on you. Shame on the school this nation taught you. Shame on the labor this nation has given you. Someone will take a gun in hand, 9 months old children, 11 months old babies will martyr, there, Kurdish, Arab and Turkish brothers to open the shop, prevent children from going to the university, the mayors of that municipality will do, you will go to the European Union Parliament or the council meeting there You're going for Turkey complaint You're going to. Shame on you. If we cannot say these things, if we cannot express them, what is the point of our mission? Is this cheap?. "

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