Fossil 'sea monster' found in Poland: thought to feed on crocodiles


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Polish researchers have uncovered remains of sea monster fossils known as pliosaurs, estimated at 145 to 163 million years old.

The grinded ruins described in the Proceedings of the Geologist's Association, near the village of Krzyżanowice by Daniel Tyborowski and Błażej Błażejowski of the Polish Academy of Sciences Holy Cross MountainsIt was discovered in a cornfield in the northeastern part of.

The fossil was about 10 meters long and dates from about 145 to 163 million years ago.

The discovery is the first pliosaur fossil found in Poland.

It is stated that pliosaurs, which are at the top of the food chain during their existence, can reach up to twice the size of modern killer whales and weigh tens of tons.

This monster, believed to be the greatest predators of their time on land or at sea, had a crocodile-like nose, fin and large teeth and long, thin structures.

Sea creatures and pliosaurs that feed on some soil creatures entering the lagoons to find food, even wild T. RexThey're even big enough to kill and eat.

Previous studies have shown that the pliosaur jaws are two and a half meters long and four and a half times stronger than T. Rex's jaws.

In the same area as the Pliosaur, fossilized remains of other creatures such as ancient crocodiles and turtles were also discovered. The area where the remains are said to be tropical in the period in which these animals lived.

Previously, it was discovered that there were warm water lagoons and reservoirs that provided an ideal habitat for the creatures of the period.

Researchers believe that time sea turtles ate snails and were eaten by crocodiles. So much so that we found traces of crocodile teeth in some turtle shells.

Pliosaurs are believed to eat crocodiles.

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